Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter Wren at Creek

I got to spend some time watching a Winter Wren forage along the creek bank. This is probably not the first time I’ve see one here, but it’s the first time I’ve identified it.

The wren spent most of its time hidden by holes and overhangs along the creek bank. It reminded me a lot of a foraging chipmunk, the way it kept out of sight with only an occasional appearance out in the open.

Sometimes it was hard to predict where it was going to reappear. It ate something here, but I can’t make out what it was.

I think my digital camera is one of the best aids to bird identification I’ve ever had. If I take enough pictures, I’m bound to capture all the field marks I need to see. I used to make notes of what I thought were crucial characteristics, only to find I had listed the items common to several species and missed the key identifying markings. Some of my old notes might as well have said – Bird with feathers and ability to fly.

I caught a shot of the barred belly as the wren dove back under the bank. It was quite a noisy bird. I tracked its movement more by ear than eye.

This is the type of area it was using. It was working its way upstream and I managed to get ahead of it to take some pictures as it went by. It’s nice to see that these eroding banks provide for the needs of at least one wildlife species.

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