Sunday, December 20, 2009

Slug Eggs

I looked beneath a piece of wood and found a nice collection of slugs. I found this one to be particularly attractive with its brown and cream mottling. As a kid, I always seemed to have a jar of soil and sticks housing a few pet slugs. Slugs were an animal that could be found anywhere we happened to be living.

This collection of slug eggs is being illuminated by flashlight since my little foray is taking place after dark. When I’m visible from the road, I turn the flashlight off if a car goes by. Then I don’t have to explain to the curious why I’m crouched in the middle of the yard on a cold, dark evening engaged in an activity such as taking pictures of slug eggs.

As a nine year old, I used to view these white orbs as something magical. I don’t think I appreciated them any less when I learned that they were slug eggs.

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