Sunday, November 7, 2010

Animals in the Woods

I was looking forward to a sunny walk in the woods yesterday, but despite a forecast for a sun filled afternoon, the clouds remained and it was definitely gloomy. It was unusually quiet in the woods. For the most part, when I wasn’t moving around crunching dried leaves, there wasn’t a sound to be heard.

When something did move, it was very easy to detect. From the ridge top I could hear something walking across the slope of the hill. A Coyote was hurrying by. It’s a shame there wasn’t an opening large enough to capture the entire Coyote, but I was just happy to get one half way focused shot before he hurried on. I rarely see Coyotes and when I do, they’re not waiting around to have their pictures taken. A family group of Coyotes can claim a territory of 6 to 10 square miles, so it’s uncommon for them to be traveling through Blue Jay Barrens at the same time as myself.

As I crossed over into the next valley, I could hear something really scratching away at the leaves. This Whitetail buck was not trying at all to be stealthy. He kept looking around, but never did seem to notice me.

I think he was more interested in the buck on the other hillside. This one was on the move and never slowed as it ran over the ridge and away.

Here’s what the first buck was up to. He was busy marking his territory with this scrape. Between the deer and the turkeys there’s not going to any part of the woods that’s not torn up.

When I returned to the house, I went out to get the mail and saw this little dog going down the road. He’s a stray that’s been at my neighbor’s house for a little over a week. He must not be looking for a new home, because he just hurried away when he saw me. I know he’s not in the woods, but I felt I just needed one more animal to round things out. I’m sure he’s available for adoption if you want him.


  1. A nice treat while walking in the woods and met up with some interesting wildlife. Especially when its not easy to walk soundlessly with all around are full with autumn leaves.

  2. Very interesting about the coyote over at your place. They are suddenly appearing here inside Cincinnati, too, right behind the appearance of the deer for obvious reasons. We are 4.5 miles from downtown across from Xavier University. 31 years ago when we moved here we saw a couple of deer in the woods behind XU's field house. Then no deer sightings since. Now this year both deer and coyotes have been spotted from here all the way over to St. Bernard.

  3. Hi Steve...well some excitement there!!
    Good quick thinking there to get the pictures you did!!
    By the time I would have got my wits about me they would have been long gone!!
    We have some coyote packs here and when they get to hollowing it will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck!!
    I see them cross the field often!!
    If you go down in the woods today.. you may be in for a big surprise.. who knows may be the day the teddy bears have there picnic!!! lol ; }
    No!! no need for a dog...thanks anyway!!

  4. Thanks for visiting, Maley-Kadazan girl. I do enjoy catching a glimpse of animals like these.

    Hi, Lois. I’ve heard that Coyotes are becoming more common in the urban areas. We have increased Coyote activity every two or three years. I guess that’s how long it takes them to rotate through their territory.

    Hi, grammie g. I don’t know how they do things in Maine, but around here the teddy bears wouldn’t think of having any picnics after Labor Day.
    The last time I saw that dog, it was headed in the general direction of Maine. Don’t be surprised if you see it coming down the road some time next week.