Monday, November 8, 2010

Water Hole

Only one of the small pools left by the rain a couple of weeks ago still remains. For almost a week, Whitetail Deer have been have been using this pool as their sole source of water. Signs of the deer activity are become increasingly evident.

They’ve been jumping from the high bank down to the pool below. The ground has been worn bare at a point just above the leaning cedar and fence post.

There’s one major worn spot, but the deer have done damage all along the top of the bank.

The descent is more gradual from the opposite bank. There has been quite a wide path created where the deer concentrate to access the water.

Two weeks ago, the portion of the bank shown in the foreground was covered in vegetation and fallen leaves. Now there’s not much left but bare soil. Flood waters commonly flow over this section of bank. The bank is now highly susceptible to erosion if we get any floods over the winter.

The compacted gravel bar at the base of the slope has been considerably disturbed. This sand and gravel is now more likely to relocate when high water returns.

The damage will continue until we get enough rain to return the creek flow. I hope that happens sometime soon.


  1. Yes, there was very little water for the deer and other animals this summer. I suspect that is part of the reason we have seen so many deer in our area recently.

  2. I would love to share some of the rain that's coming down today with you! Seems like it's feast or famine most of the time.

  3. Hi Renee said it just poured heavy last night... we would love to share!!
    I have more water in my basement right now than that little watering hole you have there!!

  4. Hi, Lois. Water can be a powerful attractant and cause animals to be in places they would normally avoid.

    Hi, Renee. The weather has been out of balance all year. In my county, we were declared a disaster in the spring because of flooding and in the summer we were a disaster because of drought. At least we've been consistent in being a disaster.

    Hey, grammie g. I have a solution to the water problem in your basement. How many deer do you think you could fit down there?