Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Sources 2010

I hope at least a couple of yesterday’s images gave you a bit of a mystery. The first was of the strange sunset cloud formations we had a short time ago. Rotating the image 180 degrees gave it a completely different look.

The unblinking eye came from the center of a snail shell whorl.

The space alien is another that I posted recently. I enlarged and cropped the jumping spider’s face. That face holds an amazing amount of color.

The Creature of the Black Lagoon came from an end view of a deer vertebra.

The end of an ash twig became the dragon’s head.

I found this moth sitting on the outside of our kitchen window. I didn’t notice the face image on the top of the thorax until I was looking at the image on the computer screen. It stayed on the window for two days, but on the second day its back was arched to distort the image.

Smiley crocodile is a section of a decomposing cedar stump. The split to the right of the knot hole eye looked like a crocodile mouth and the split to the left looked like the mouth of a whale. I chose the crocodile image because I thought it might be easier for people to see.

The fruits of the Horse Nettle don’t exactly look like traditional pumpkins, but there are so many varieties of pumpkins now that these could be a match for one of them.

The kangaroo, I mean squirrel, was sitting in the shadows so I lit him up with my flash. He looks as though I electrified his eyes. That puts an end to another Halloween.


  1. See how much fun it is to have a little imagination! Thanks for the fun posts! ~karen

  2. Hi Steve...Hey what fun but if I had know there was a spider in there eeeeeks
    That was a fun post I guess the one that really through me the most (besides that spider) was the broken snail shell. Wouldn't have guessed that!!
    Hey I gave you a plug for you site in my blog today !!

  3. Fun images, Steve. :) I especially like the colors in that sunset. How Halloweeeeeny. :)

  4. Hi, Karen. My imagination is much more under control than it was when I was a child.

    Hi, grammie g. Thanks for the mention. I purposely used a far away image of the spider today so it wouldn't startle you too much.

    Thanks, Lois. That sunset certainly was in the spirit of Halloween.