Monday, November 29, 2010

A Change of Weather

We have survived a transition into more winter like weather. One day I’m mowing roses in 80 degree weather and four days later it’s 20 degrees with an inch of snow on the ground. Tall grass prairie can hide a lot of snow, so it’s really not noticeable in the Indian Grass areas.

The really amazing part of the transition was the three inches of rain that came over about a two day period. This was much needed relief from the drought. Everything that fell went straight into the ground. This shallow pool was formed entirely from water that fell into the bowl of the dry pond. The spring that normally supports the pool during the winter has not yet begun to flow, so this water will not last long.

The birds have already made extensive use of the newly created pool. They find the pond to be a more attractive place to drink and bath than the water garden. During the winter, the dogwoods and willows on the back side of the pond are normally filled with birds that have been attracted by the water.

Heavy rains are predicted for tomorrow, so the pond may soon be restored. The water level in our well is slowly rising which means the rains have restored the soil moisture levels and water is able to percolate through to the ground water level. Water from additional rains will quickly make its way down to restore the ground water. This means that the pond will fill, the spring will flow, the well will be restored and I will take a shower.


  1. That's so funny to read a post by a person who lives on the other edge of the earth and yet has such similar weather to what we have here.
    Do you feed birds in winter? I opened the season yesterday.

  2. Ah, yes, the recent rain was welcome over here just West of you, too.

    Showers are good. Clean is good. ;)

  3. Hi Steve...well finally now that after that dry summer your get some drought relief...
    Its good that you have water enough in you well to take a shower it wouldnt be good if you had to take a dip in the pond to wash up!! : }
    You should have waited to do the roses least you could have worn more clothes to avoid those nasty war scars!!

  4. Good to hear you have some rainfall at long last Steve. I bet the trees, shrubs etc. are saying thank you ... thank you.

  5. Hi, Alexandra. I feed the birds year round. Several of the feeder birds live here all year. The rest are seasonal, so I have a change of species every spring and fall.

    Hi, Lois. I could tell by the radar that the rain was quite widespread. I hope everyone appreciated it as much as I did.

    Hi, grammie g. I’ve never had to bathe in the pond, but there have been times during electrical outages that I’ve brought in buckets of water from the water garden. Another good reason for having water just outside your door.

    Hi, Kjell. I’m one of those stay at home types, so I just put on my long johns and wait for spring.

    Hi, Frank. The rain has made everything seem much more relaxed.