Sunday, July 10, 2011

Doe and Fawns

I’ve been seeing fawns everywhere this year. This pair and their mother have been hanging around the yard for a couple of weeks now. I enjoy watching them, but I can’t help thinking about all of the Blue Jay Barrens plants they’ll be eating later on.

Deer always look miserable in the summer. Ever wonder how Deer Flies got their name. I get annoyed when two or three flies start buzzing me. A hundred or more must be unbearable. Shaking a leg may cause a few flies to change position, but it doesn’t make them leave.

This doe got the hide scraped from her hind quarter four years ago. I remember seeing her soon after her accident. The wound was a shiny bright red and she walked with a slight limp. I don’t know how she got hurt. It does make it easy to identify her. Because of that distinctive scar, I know for sure that this is the fourth set of twins she has introduced to my yard since the mishap.

The fawns go off and do their own thing while mom eats. This one spent quite a while chasing crows around the yard.

The other twin had a go at eating some unripe apples. I thought he might be big enough to actually chew an apple, but that skill still seems to elude him. I’m sure both twins will master the apple eating art by summer’s end.


  1. How fun to be able to watch them.

    On a much smaller scale with some of the same thoughts in mind, we watched bunnies in our yard a few years ago. The kids had a blast watching while I thought about my garden. :) I'm glad the bunnies were here, though.

  2. Hi, Lois. Baby animals are always fun to watch.