Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mosquito Hunt

I got in really late last night, or maybe it was really early this morning, but I wanted to go out to see if there were any Elephant Mosquitoes breeding in the tub beside the garage. I didn’t find any elephants, but I did find mosquitoes. This is really an attractive species.

This tub apparently provided ideal conditions for Elephant Mosquitoes last year. It remains as it was and I hope the attractive qualities are still in place.

I usually seine out the mosquito larvae from the tub and feed them to my son’s tropical fish. Since the Elephant Mosquito feeds on the larvae of other mosquitoes, I’m letting this tub fill with prey in hopes of attracting more giants of the mosquito world.

The inside of the tub was lined with mosquitoes. I thought they might have hatched from there, but there were no pupae or spent pupae skins in the tub. These just seemed to be showing up here to lay eggs. Most were trying to use me as a source of blood to help get their egg laying off to a good start. I got several bites as I held my head and arms down in the tub to take pictures, but I’m tired enough that the itching won’t keep me awake.

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