Saturday, July 9, 2011


There’s been a young groundhog visiting the yard daily to eat little unripe apples that have fallen from the tree. As I came around the corner of the house, he was just entering the yard. I hid behind the camera so he wouldn’t see me.

His approach to the apple tree was made in quick dashes. He adopted a squint eyed, open mouthed expression each time he ran. It looked as though he was trying to scare away anything that witnessed his approach.

He would freeze for a few seconds between each run, probably to check for danger. The tail is the indicator of his level of anxiety. Hair down means calm and unworried.

Tail hair up indicates something is not right. I think he just noticed me standing there.

The tail indicates that my presence is somehow considered threatening. He has aborted his apple run, but doesn’t feel threatened enough to leave quickly. If I had removed the camera from in front of my face, he probably would have left in a hurry. Faceless people don’t seem to project a level of danger as great as those with faces. I’ve hidden behind my camera before and had animals just stare at me. I’ve even been able to slowly move around without them becoming spooked. But if I show my face, they instantly run. Note: Thank you, but I’m in no need of comments suggesting that there is just something particularly horrible about my face.

He took one last look around before heading back into the field. He’s probably still unsure of why he’s not under the tree eating apples.


  1. Oh, Steve, I would nevvvvver say anything about your face. I am just wondering how big your camera is that you can hide behind it. I need one of those! ;)

  2. Hi Steve...Bravo to Lois...haha!!
    I was thinking the same thing,but thought I'd leave that one lie!!!!
    I didn't no that about the hair thing with the Groundhog...all I know is that he ate the top and buds of my yellow Lady Slipper Grrrrrr!!!

  3. Thanks, Lois. My camera is normal sized. I'm rather tiny.

    Hi, grammie g. Groundhogs also have a taste for the beautiful. They just express it in a different way.

    Hi, Michael. I used to think that lol meant Lots of Luck, until I was educated by my daughter.

  4. Hahaha...I saw that one coming!

  5. Hi, Kelly. To be fair, it wasn't well hidden.