Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Creek Ice

Fluctuating water levels, cold temperatures and snow have all been at work on the creek. The result is lovely, but also treacherous to anyone foolish enough to be taking pictures while trying to balance on ice covered rocks. Wait, I didn’t mean foolish, I probably meant adventurous.

The light colored ice formed when the water level was slightly higher. As the water fell, the ice was left suspended. I’m suspecting that there are Streamside Salamanders under some of those big rocks. The last rain should have brought them to the stream to breed. I have a plan for getting photos of the egg clusters fluttering in the current beneath those big rock slabs, but I have to wait for the ice to disappear and the temperature to moderate slightly before it can be implemented.

There’s still some open water in the fast moving sections. There’s never been a winter and spring where the creek didn’t have a healthy flow.

The ice is very thin in most places and often slopes towards open water or closed bowls. This could be hazardous to any small mammals venturing onto the ice. Some of these sinks are rather deep and wet at the bottom. Once in, an animal might not find enough traction to pull itself out.

The ice made some interesting patterns. This looks like one of those ice bridges that epic journeyers are always crossing in the movies.


  1. Thanks, Green Gal. I've got to give the photo credits to the subject matter.