Sunday, February 21, 2010

Snow Covered Barren Slopes

It appears that the snow will soon be gone, so we need to take time to enjoy the last of the snow scenes. Snow on the steep barrens reminds me of being in the mountains. I can almost imagine Bighorn Sheep walking across the slope.

The gentle curves of the snow blanket effectively conceal all of the sharp angles and bare soil normally associated with this barren. Hopefully the little winter annuals are getting enough sunlight to survive until the snow departs.

The snow makes the gullies look like gentle swales, easily crossable by the casual hiker. Trying to walk in that direction, with the hidden drop-offs and icy slopes, could be a real leg breaker.

The snow is about eight inches deep in most places. A few spots have managed to lose the snow and are rapidly developing areas of bare ground.

A cross slope shot gives a better idea of the steepness of this area. It seems hardly possible that four months ago this slope was covered with blooming orchids.

Here is the dry barren with a glut of unusable water. If I told someone that I saw this hillside barren covered in eight inches of water, they would say I was lying. I don’t lie, but those who know me will tell you that I have a way of manipulating the truth to my best advantage.

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  1. Nice shots. It must be quite tricky to expose correctly under these conditions.