Friday, February 12, 2010

Walk in the Snow - part 2 - Sky Watch Friday

The last of the storm clouds trail off to the east and leave behind a brilliantly sunny day. It’s been so cloudy this winter that I’d almost forgotten how blue the sky can look. Some of the tall grass and forbs in the unmowed portion of the field are beginning to go down under the weight of the snow. The fence surrounds the garden, located in the only area of deep soil near to the house.

In areas protected by the cedars, the trees managed to retain their snow load.

Where the prairie meets the woods. You can see a lot of snowless ground beneath the cedars. The cedars were very effective at catching the snow in their branches.

A nest located high in the leafless tree (about dead center in the photo). It doesn’t look large enough to be a hawk’s nest. Since I’m through here frequently during the summer, I would have noticed any birds protesting my presence near their nest. I’ll watch this summer to see if anything returns to use this tree again.

It didn’t seem fair, but the clear period between storms lasted less than two hours. These clouds are the leading edge of the system that brought us three more inches of snow along with rain, freezing rain, sleet, ice pellets and blizzard winds. Go to to view Skywatch images from around the globe.