Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tall Grass Under Snow

The snows are beginning to wear down the tall grasses. Areas that were solid stands of vertical stems are becoming more open as sections of grass are forced to the ground.

The grass is beginning to look like my family’s hair after being snowed in for a week without water or electricity. Considering the number of snow storms this grass has endured, it’s holding up rather well. Ragged appearance aside, the grass continues to provide valuable winter food and cover.

The grass stalks are still holding some seeds above the snow. Bird flocks continue to forage in this field. If few can avoid freezing rain, this field will provide seeds for several more weeks.

Drifting snow has been a major force in laying down the grass. The wind pushed the grass away from vertical and then the snow weighed it down.

The masses of horizontal grass stems are strong enough to hold a considerable amount of snow. There is still plenty of cover available for birds and small mammals.

These tracks were made by a rabbit that has carved out a secure place in the grass beneath the snow.

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