Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yard Deer

As the snow depth increases, the number of deer visits to the yard increases. Within a couple of days, the deer have the snow completely churned up around the bird feeding area.

I sometimes suspect that visiting my yard is the deer’s equivalent to our visiting the mall. There seems to be a lot of aimless walking about, checking of the sights, getting a bite to eat and heading away. The deer spend a lot of time hanging out in the pine trees. Those must be like our clusters of resting benches.

These tracks are the result of forty-eight hours of deer activity. Wednesday evening, everything was drifted over and the snow was completely smooth. This view is what things looked like Friday afternoon.

There are several popular travel lanes amidst the random wanderings. They really did a thorough job of tracking over the entire yard.

I don’t know what the deer found so interesting about this spot, but they pawed around on it until they exposed the grass.

Once leaving the yard, they followed this trail across the field before fanning out in different directions. Even though the entire field has been mowed, they stuck to the trail that I keep mowed through the summer.

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  1. Ha! I love your comparison of the deer hanging about in your yard being like us hanging out at the mall. Looks like you've got quite the deer thoroughfare there!