Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Holiday Birds

I was a little behind my normal schedule this weekend and ended up putting the bird feed out about an hour later than normal. On Sunday morning, I could hear the Blue Jays and looked out to find that they had organized a little demonstration to protest my tardiness.

The whole group kept bouncing and calling. They seemed quite put out by my lack of attention to their urgent need.

On Monday morning, other birds took up the protest vigil. The falling snow made the troupes of Mourning Doves look very forlorn. No sound from this bunch, just an attempt to look pitiful.

Many hung out in the escape cover and watched as I spread the food.

The numbers of Song Sparrows has been increasing.

This Song Sparrow seems to be wondering if I’m going to leave or continue to stand beside his breakfast. To his dismay, I upended the feed bucket and sat down beside the feed to take some pictures.

The Juncos didn’t stay in the tree long after the food was scattered. The Tree Sparrow looks quite pleased with the crest given to him by the wind.

Sometimes the Tree Sparrows will take a piece of cracked corn and mash it thoroughly before swallowing. Other times they’ll just swallow without preamble. This guy just grabbed a big piece of corn and is working it straight down.

A Chickadee awaits its chance to grab a sunflower seed. A Field Sparrow is sitting on the ground between the two Tree Sparrows. I’ve had several of these coming in to the feeder since the snows started.

The Tufted Titmouse is a grab and go feeder. The eye always looks to be too large for the head.

The Tree Sparrow is still the most numerous of the small birds. Coming in second place is the Junco. I haven’t seen the large flocks of Goldfinches this year. At best I’ve only seen two or three at a time.

The flock takes off as I stand up. I’ve got to go clean snow from the driveway, again.

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  1. I think it's interesting that we have such similar feeder populations, Steve. Except I think you have triple the number of individual birds that we do. Every species you listed here also visits our feeder area daily. The Jays are an exception though - they don't come in as readily as all the rest. Enjoy the snow!