Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow on Branches

The recent snow was one of those that stuck to all of the tree branches. This makes a very attractive scene and provides many photo opportunities.

How can the snow pile up to such an impressive height on these tiniest of twigs?

Before the snow arrived, conditions were warm and rainy. Water on the tree branches began to freeze as the temperatures fell. The first snowflakes were captured by the ice to form a stable base upon which the falling snow could build. The wet snowflakes froze together to form a stable column that grew rapidly. The snow caps were strong enough to withstand the strong winds that developed as the storm intensified.

Evergreens captured their share of the snow. Snow laden pine boughs are not as aesthetically pleasing as bare deciduous branches. It didn’t take much weight to lay these White Pine branches down on the ground. The snow plastered on the side of the tree trunks is from the strong winds that came blowing out of the north.

Cedars also began to droop under the snow load. There wasn’t enough snow to bend the branches to the breaking point. These trees should regain their original shapes once it warms up a bit.

The tall grass stalks behaved much like the tree branches. The ice, snow and wind laid down a lot of tall grass. This tends to bury much of the seed that is normally accessible by the birds.

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  1. was a beautiful snowfall, so heavy and wet. I hear more snow is on the way tonight!